There seems to be light at the end of this tunnel… We started again rehearsing “Griselda” at Vorstadttheater Basel. We hope to make it to the Premiere this time – it should be 10th September. Also we’re looking forward to the Premiere of “Nörgler Querulanten und Behördenhasser” – a shortfilm directed by Jonas Ulrich – currently in post-production.

And I would like to introduce a new webpage concerning my work as a Communication Trainer:

Stay healthy and stay positiv


Due to known reasons we had to cancel the producions in Basel and Solothurn – new dates will be available hopefully soon.

Next stop: Gostner Hoftheater in Nürnberg (D) with the opening production of the new season under the theater director Laurent Gröflin. Premiere should be on 18th September 2020

Stay healthy – stay happy – and see you soon


The preparations for the season 19/20 are nearly finnished. Actor at Vorstadttheater Basel, Acting Teacher for BA Students of contemporary dance in Zürich, Assistent director for “Drummeli” at the musicaltheater Basel, Light,Installations and performing with Company betweenlines in Solothurn and among all this beiing a student CAS – Interacting at the high school of arts in Bern. All the dates and venues will be published very soon here! Enjoy the summer!!!!!


Nach der Show ist vor der Show.

Gerade ist der letzte Vorhang unseres, von der Presse als “Jahrhundertwerk” das “in die Fasnachtsgeschichte eingehen wird” gefeiertem Drummeli im Musical Theater Basel gefallen. Und da laufen auch schon die Proben für die nächste Produktion auf Hochtouren. “Unter falschen Brüdern” unter meiner Regie – Premiere: 17.April im Theater Matte – Bern

Zudem läuft ganz frisch ein Spot mit mir bei der suva – schauet und lasset euch belehren…

Auf bald hier oder da und ein wohliges Frühlingserwachen allerseits


After a fantastic night at the Fondation Beyeler (Basel) performing at “The divine comedy” by and with Rirkrit Tiravanija I will perform again the worldwide travelled “Perpetuum Mobile” with Ton&Kirschen Wandertheater at the wonderfull Theaterfest Radebeulon 29th September.
After that, the preparations for the “Drummeli” 2019 at musical theatre Basel are gonna be in full scale, where I gonna be once again the assistant director and stage manager.
Also I’m very happy to start on my first show as director in Bern. “Unter falschen Brüdern” will be performed from April 2019 at Matte Theater Bern
Hope to see you somewere on the road


Off to Zimmertheater Tübingen doing “Merlin” with Moritz Peters and Laurent Gröflin – Premiere: 28.04.18
Continuing with Anja Gysin – Dance Company Betweenlines in Solothurn with the Production “Einklang” Premiere: 23.06.18
And in July another 3 week Tour de France with my old fellows from Ton&Kirschen travelling theatre – all the dates coming soon


At the moment I swap sides and stay in front of the stage suporting Laurent Gröflin at the direccion of the Drummeli 2018 in Basel(CH). After that we will pay another visit to the lovely Zimmertheater Tübingen and I’ll be back on stage. Looking forward and see you soon – here or there