About me

Born 1978 in Brandenburg an der Havel (former GDR)
acting school after J.Lecoq at the École internationale de Théâtre Lassaad, Bruxelles (graduation 2003)
since 1998 acting, Music & Performance e.g. Ton&Kirschen travelling theatre, State-theatre Wiesbaden, Zimmertheater Tübingen, AKHE (St.Petersburg), HKW Berlin, Aernout Mik, Britta Pudelko,Laurent Gröflin, Knut Remond, Lumpenbrüder and other groups in Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland
2007-2017 constant member of the international travelling theatre Ton & Kirschen



The preparations for the season 19/20 are nearly finnished. Actor at Vorstadttheater Basel, Acting Teacher for BA Students of contemporary dance in Zürich, Assistent director for “Drummeli” at the musicaltheater Basel, Light,Installations and performing with Company betweenlines in Solothurn and among all this beiing a student CAS – Interacting at the high school of arts …